Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Hey Kids

Nearly two years since I have written anything on this. I'm still alive and kicking. So much has changed and yet so much has remained the same. We bought a house. We love it, but it needs cosmetic work. Lots of cosmetic work. TW a.k.a. DC a.k.a. my MIL lives with us. Every day is a new adventure. I got fired twice in a row. I apparently am no longer capable of holding a job. I love Downton Abbey even though the Brits in my everyday life (I'm outnumbered these days) are annoying on purpose to which they would say, "Brilliant!" and view it as an achievment. I love Mad Men. And yes, yes, yes I will be the green eggs in Jon Hamm's ham. We adopted a wonderful little shih-tzhu named Molly. Total dog count: Three. Me = Crazy Dog Lady Mia is wonderful, Dexter is doing what he needs to be doing. I just wrote an impassioned five paragraph op-ed (?) essay (?) regarding the tea party in Indiana and how kooky they are and I had to take it down. I will, however, editorialize to say this: Remember the Schoolhouse Rock short films? I'm just a bill/on capitol hill, etc. Remember those? The most simple components of democracy. Watch those again. Think about them. You can do this because it appeals to your "intellect." ohhh, sort of sorry.