Friday, June 8, 2012

Ugh, Chris Brown is on the Today show. Why am I even watching this horrible misogynistic man boy?

Mia's ninth birthday was last week-end and her two BFFs, Onievea and Tajana spent the night. They had great fun, and this year, no one cried even once. Last year, we had six girls and everyone cried at least once. They are all three such great little girls. I'm glad Mia has such good friends. She's struggled a bit in this neighborhood, mostly because she goes to a different school, since she's in the Horizons program. She doesn't ride the bus with them, so she hasn't had much of a chance to get to know them. She plays with the girls that live behind us a bit, but they are strange, nearly feral children.

I'm a true crime buff and I just have to ask, What's up with the cannibalism lately? Disturbing trend, and unlike other psychological aspects of crime, that's one I just have zero interest in. I can no longer read crimes about children, haven't been able to for a while, and cannibalism is vying for the top of the list now.

Last summer, we adopted a shiz tsu. She was in bad shape when we got her; worms, fleas, obviously shaved with someone's beard trimmer. I'm pretty sure the young couple we adopted her from used that money to immediately go buy a bag of meth. Molly has progressed very well, though, and she's a sweet dog. She was supposed to be either mine or Mia's, but she's definitely Martin's dog. Who could have guessed, Martin has a shiz tsu.