Saturday, April 20, 2013

It's the The 50th anniversary of James Bond. Just stick a fork in my eye, because I'm done. The Brit even made me watch the documentary about it. He recently just obsessed for an hour about which model Ferrari James is driving in Goldeneye. And Goldeneye is the name of Ian Fleming's Jamaican home. Whee, I know this! I'll sure be a hit on Jeopardy! in the 007 category.

Aside. I tried out for Jeopardy! once. I made the tests but my credit sucked at the time so they wouldn't accept me as a contestant. (Yeah, I thought it made a lot of sense, as well.)

If I used to be able to tolerate James Bond movies, I now loathe them to the marrow of my bones.

Life advice of the day: Do you really think it's a good idea to tell the people you owe a whole lot of rent to that you used your disability payments for Fentanyl patches you buy from your neighbor who is terminally ill and broke, because while your neighbor is terminally ill you think Fentenyl is "fun" ? Paying your rent on time is really fun, give it a whirl sometime.

So in another life scenario, I'd be a forensic psychologist. I had the D.C. snipers mostly nailed, got the race wrong but I don't really think of race. I think of "human race". We're all assholes.

My take on Boston. Fisrt, a moment of silence for the victims, you running geeks just wanted to blow your knees out and try not to poop yourselves while running umpteen miles. God bless you.

One brother, 26. One brother, 19. Been here a while, tried yet never felt part of the whole American Dream thing. Dad was still in Chechnya, don't seem to be terribly religious Muslims.

None of that is a factor. This is all about the brotherly bond and admiration and copycat psychopathic behavior. Infamy. Total mentally destroyed. I think in this case, the elder led the the younger and the elder was quietly crazy. I had a sense that the younger brother idolized the older brother and Older Brother was seriously mentally ill.

Not religious, not political, nothing other than the hope for infamy in a sick and twisted mind.

I think people are trying to read way more into this than there really is.

Speaking of crazy. Weather. No such thing as global warming? In the past two days, it has been:

80 degrees
50 mph winds
Almost two inches of rain
Vast flooding, north of Indy, terrible flooding