Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Workshop

In the year we have lived in Indy in this apartment complex, we have gone through three sets of next door neighbors.

The first set was a slightly white-trashy family, who seemed to have far too many people living in a two bedroom apartment. They moved out shortly after a young girl, perhaps twenty, spent several hours banging on their door yelling, "I know you're in there!" She was holding an infant I can only presume was somehow connected to the young man who lived there with his mother and two younger siblings. Oh, and they had Yorkies. I love dogs, but these were Yorkies.

Next, an older gentleman, who was deaf, moved in. Since Indy has a big school for the deaf, there are a lot of hearing impaired people in the area. I love to watch them communicate. This gentleman came with two restored cars from the 50s, a daily driver, and three truckloads of furniture. About a week after he moved in, he disappeared. Didn't see him for two or three months, until he moved out. Again with three moving trucks full of furniture. For a two bedroom apartment that granted, is quite spacious, but he still had so much stuff, he must have had a tiny path through it.

Now, we live next to two young men. We think. We never see them. We know they are there, though. For the past two weeks, a pair of sneakers with socks have been sitting outside their door. Through the rain, sleet and snow. They have a rottweiler who occasionally visits, along with a shiz shu. The lights are never on in the evening. We never run into them coming or going, yet we know the place is inhabited by someone because not only do the leave sneakers outside, there have been several strange deposits on the doorstep. These items have included:

~ An upended love seat
~ A bench seat from a mini van
~ A coffee table
~ A lawn chair

And they bang stuff all night, generally starting about 10:30. It sounds like they are arranging furniture, hanging pictures, or building something.

I've finally figured it out. The strange stuff left on the doorstep that magically gets sucked into their apartment, they recycle into new things. They are actually Santa's Elves and that is their workshop.


judemiller1 said...

I love to read about your new and exciting life!! If "they" only work at night, I am sure they are elves. Maybe not Santa's elves, but rather the elves that once helped the cobbler make his shoes?

The Noels said...

have you heard of the book and movie Called twilight?? Just think about it. To keep yourself safe wear garlic.

Ronni said...

Yup, definitely garlic. Maybe burn a little bit of white sage, while you are at it.