Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Playing Cards With The Gang

I think it's important to exercise your brain. Because I seem to have the attention span of a gnat, I do a variety of things to make my mind work. One of my favorites is playing cards.

I have a card game installed on my computer. Some of the cards games are rummy, cribbage, euchre, and the old standby, solitaire. I play rummy the most, after a long contentious relationship with euchre.

The game assigns names to your opponents and partners, rather than playing Robot I, Robot II, etc. The names are quaintly old-fashioned. Because I have a vivid imagination, I have assigned characteristics to each player, all of whom reside in the same Florida retirement home. At least in my head.

Horatio is a shy Cuban gentlemen, who quietly plays his hand, and doesn't gloat when he wins.
Hector is a Mexican American who smokes cigars, and has a great bluffing face.
Manny is Horatio's younger brother and likes to make me think I am winning, until he comes from behind and smacks my down my score, hard.
Mary is a sweet, tiny lady who originally hails from Brooklyn; she just likes to play for the social aspect and if she wins, she is truly delighted.
Hetty is a Holocaust survivor. She is a cut-throat player and plays to win. She also insists I bring pastries when I come to play.
Harrison is Harrison Ford, of course. He often wonders why he spends his time playing cards in the retirement home with these old farts, but figures he is giving back in some way and that is important to him. Besides, he likes to gamble and Horatio and Hector are always up for a five dollar hand. I never bet against Harrison, he always thrashes me soundly.

Maybe my father-in-law is right. Maybe I do need to get a job.


fvracer_x said...

Cripes the way you talk to them Lisa, I thought you WERE playing on the Internet with real people! Scary...

Have the T-shirt said...

LOL, you nut! :P

Who knew "solitary" play could be full of interesting characters!

Ronni said...

You've gone GREEN!

It suits you.

I play mah jong. I have vista, so its games are what I waste time with.

(and I have a job)