Wednesday, August 12, 2009

My Notes Of Solitude

  • SOS scouring pads are great to scrub our sinks and tub and shower that are made of what seems to be a strange distant cousin of the Formica/laminate family.
  • I accomplished so much today; as much as it would normally take me three days to do.
  • It is heaven having a huge washer and brand new dryer.
  • Dryer balls are strange but magic.
  • Mia got off the bus and we sat on our steps for a few minutes talking about school. We went inside to call her Daddy and Grandparents. She ate a PBNJ, turned on Sponge Bob and promptly went to sleep.
  • The kids' new shower curtain is an Amazon scene (the jungle, not the bookseller) and it's very busy. They love it.
  • Dexter came home from school, hung with his buddy Mike for a bit, went upstairs to play X Box 360 and promptly fell asleep
  • I read about the fantastic case of Connie Converse and I'm hooked on the story and I like her music. I have a million questions.
  • There was not one point today that I heard the line, "But what if Mom and Dad/Spence/Mr. Crabbs finds out?" during a television show. I didn't turn the tv on. I wanted to listen to music, but someone swiped my earbuds for his iPod.
  • The inventor responsible for Legos needs one jammed in his bare foot. Of course, Legos have been around for quite a while, so there is good chance he or she is either a really old fart or dead.
  • Luna is the sweetest little dog. She loves her mumma. She followed me everywhere. She's so mischievous. She was stealing the small cleaning tools I had within her reach. A scouring pad, a dirty rag, the thing I used to pull the hair out of drains. (Ew.)
  • My sink was not full of dishes by 2 o'clock today. I used a paper plate for my lunch and used the same glass for both my water and my iced tea. I rinsed it between uses. Amazing idea, no? Perhaps I should share that with my family.
  • Dexter hoards towels.
  • I thought all day, about first days of school. How nerve wracking and exciting they were. How I could barely sleep the night before. What was I going to wear? I always wanted to wear a new sweater and jeans, even if it was in the 60s in Michigan. It would be ridiculous to send Mia or Dex to school like that in August in Indiana, they'd be prostrate with heat stroke. I didn't buy them new school pants, I bought them new school shorts that they will be in until at least late September.
  • Both my kids looked super good and clean and well-pressed and were happy with their outfits.
  • School rocks.