Saturday, November 1, 2008

Mia's Halloween

Mia won a $20 gift card in a costume contest here at our apartment complex. Luna went trick or treating as well. It's hard work when your your legs are that short.


Ronni said...

Don't we get to see a picture of the prize-winning costume?

fvracer_x said...

Happy Halloween. Mia had a BUSY DAY. This evening (Sat) however, she got out of bed at 1AM and marched into the living room clutching her blanket and said "Morning Daddy". I had to break the news gently. In the meantime I was spending a little alone time watching some of Barack IBM's videos on you tube. You can tell he's biracial. You can tell because when he speaks he's 50% JFK and 50% MILK. The inspiration oozes from him. If he gets into office he will go a long way to unite this country in a way it never has been united before. I sat here listening to the inspiring words (and yes, Barrack could tell you your house is burning down and inside it your wife, your kids, and your life savings are fueling the fire and it would still sound good). But sitting here tonight with my daughter on my lap I listened to this inspirational message and tried to think of a way to impart to a 5 year old how important this time is in history. How it will directly touch her future, her future as an American and as a Bi-racial American. If ABM wins on the Th the American public will do far more than elect a new president, they will break down barriers and walls that are, if not as physical, then at least as important as the fall of the wall in Berlin. But how do you impart that to a 5 year old? After much thought I simply went with, "Who is this on the screen? (Her answer "Barrack ABM" - she knows). "Well Mia this is a very important time for all of us and you will understand that when you get older. Barrack is a very important man. (Snuggling her close) I want you to remember this, so when you are older and understand how important this is hopefully you can remember this. Snuggling with Daddy and watching Barrack ABM getting ready to change history. "I don't want to pit red America against blue America, I want to be President of the UNITED States of America...". "Hope is what lead me here today". Hope is what lead us to you Barrack. Sleep tight Mia. In a very few hours we can either kick the human experiment in America forward with intelligence and thoughtfulness, or lock it into conservative Tupperware and shove it back in the freezer for another 4 years or so and let rot along with the America we love. Barrack ABM says "My Faith in the American people has been vindicated". Well Barrack, if you get in, mine has been renewed.

- Martin