Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Kidnapped By Aliens

I was sitting on my patio, near dusk. I saw a cigar-shaped light in the sky. It hovered over the river near us, then landed in the strip of lawn behind the townhouses.

They were sexless, faceless, ageless, a sort of aquamarine color, with great three-fingered hands and splayed feet. They came to my knees, but I'm a tall woman.

Their ship was cool and serene. They offered me sharp cheddar cheese, rosemary and olive oil Triscuits and a fine Chardonnay, as if they knew my favorite snack.

They gave me a marvelous mani-pedi, a massage, and trimmed my hair, cooing over the length and the curls. Their magic made all the split ends and grey disappear. It was better than a day at a spa.

When they released me, they embraced my knees with tender affection.

Not really, but hey, I'm BACK.


Ronni said...

Send that cigar-shaped object down here, please...

Nadine said...

Well when you're done with them, send them over here!

Have the T-shirt said...

Really....don't be so selfish!

Nadine said...

To heck with Calgon; I'll go with the aliens any day.

judemiller1 said...

It's about time!
That you're back I mean..not that aliens landed in Indianapolis.