Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Long Time Gone

The only excuse I have for not updating more recently is one I'm not going to share.

I've got The President's speech on in the background. The talking heads are still blah-blahing.

We've gotta do something about the health care situation in this country. I don't know if this is the precise solution, but it's something. Just like I can't understand why people in our country go hungry every day, I can't understand why people in our country die because they can't afford to be sick.

The entire Jaycee Duggard saga is incredible. My heart goes out to her and her daughters. Now, if anyone else wonders if sex offenders "get better", the answer is obviously no. Ironic that the nutbag who kidnapped Elizabeth Smart was religious and got crazy and this Garrido or whateverhisnameis, was crazy and got religious.

I'm very saddened by the passing of Dominick Dunne. He is one of my all time favorite authors and people. I would have loved to have spent an evening with him, having dinner, talking. He had all the dirt, on all the old Hollywood. He was a gracious man who withstood terrible tragedy and personal loss, but used his pain to turn his life around. He has a new novel coming out in December, and I look forward to it. I will miss his Vanity Fair diaries and his TruTv show, Power, Privilege and Justice. R.I.P, Mr, Dunne, and give Lennie and Dominique a hug from me.

My friend Tiffany moved out of our complex. I miss her, but I'm happy for her. She had a really great opportunity to live with a relative in a situation that is good for everyone. But, I still miss her. Not like I don't talk to her anymore, but I don't see her nearly every day like I did. We had fun hanging out, doing our nails, drinking wine, going to the pool, letting our kids hang out.

I haven't written anything lately. Three books and I can't seem to get motivated on any of them. This depresses me, but I have not a creative thought in my mind. I haven't even been reading much lately.

I'm elated at Mad Men being back on. I love that show. I just watched Sons of Anarchy last night and enjoyed that very much, as well. Total fiction, I'm sure, but it was good. I'm going to watch Glee tonight as well, because at least one person from Christopher Guest's films is in it, and possibly two. Does anyone get that cable or HD or whatever commercial besides me?

Mia is a total suck up at school. Nature vs. nurture, you decide, because I was a suck up as well. I was all about the extra credit.

Dexter, on the other hand, had two days of detention because he called his Spanish teacher a bitch. In English, I presume.

I hate my hair. I got it cut and at least four inches are gone but it does nothing.

I have to go back to a podiatrist and get my stupid bunion redone. After my initial bunion surgery, I broke my toe and it's all messed up now. I can feel the screws in my toe. I dread this.

My knees are shot. I had an orthopedic surgeon tell me years ago, either quit the softball or get knee replacements at 40. I've made it to 43 and my knees, the originals, ache all the time, and creak, and swell. I haven't played softball in nearly ten years. This is not fair.

Getting older is definitely not for sissies. The outside of me looks fine. The inside is systematically falling apart.

All of a sudden again, I am getting collection calls for Martin's ex-wife, whom he has been divorced from for almost a decade. This is annoying, but since I've been in a bad mood lately, I take great pleasure in laughing at them. Like she has ever paid off a bill in her life and good luck finding her.

Did you miss me?


judemiller1 said...

Yes,,,I missed you and i understand about the aches and pains, are much too young for bad knees! Although, it seems that you have them. Naproxen helps--500 mg, twice a day.
Love you,,,,,

Darr said...

I missed you terribly, my love!

I'm sorry you haven't been writing. I actually started again, after a much too lengthy time of not writing anything at all. The reasons I felt the incredible urge to start again are rather awful, but it's good to be doing it, and hopefully it will all make sense in the end.

I was also sad about Dominick Dunne. Just like you said, I would have loved to spend an evening over dinner and drinks talking with him. And then maybe go have an affair with his son...LOL.

We are bad knees on parade in this house. Mark will need a replacement someday because of his childhood Osgood-Slater (or whatever it's called) and I need something done because of that stupid junior year dance class injury and it not being repaired at the time. (Thanks,Dad)

Did you watch Glee!? I love it, we saw the preview pilot in the spring, and I couldn't wait for the season to start. But I was a drama geek, so it's right up my alley.

I love you, you gorgeous, fabulous Broad! We have got to talk and get together SOON! So much to discuss on both our parts!

Ronni said...


Have the T-shirt said...

Sure did.

theunicornwitch said...

i look every weekday and was starting to give up... knees? i have been working on my knees for going on 15 years now... and they are NOISY!!! and one aches when its damp... and my doctor has mentioned "shots" yikes... i have a client that got them... (the 3 dose one) and she can't do ANYTHING for 2 days after the shot... so basically you are out of commission for 3 days... but next thing would be replacement... its torture getting old... but i certainly like the mental attitude... the older i get - the less i let people bother me about me being me... i watched part of glee last night...taped the rest... i'm a "leverage" geek.. love that show!!!