Wednesday, December 16, 2009

It's Always Sunny In Indianapolis

Martin and I watched Public Enemy. I was excited about seeing it; I had high hopes. Johnny Depp, filmed partly on location, an Indiana story; one of my favorite true crime stories with a certain romance to it. How could this movie not be incredible?

Snoozefest. The script was awful. A really interesting story, ruined by Hollywood again.

Has Hollywood run out of ideas? Everything is a sequel or a prequel, or a squequel if you're the Chipmunks; it's a reworking of a TV series or an older movie. Does no one in Hollywood read, for the love of God? Read the papers, read books, read local news. There are a million great stories begging to be told. Hollywood seems to ignore these in favor of the tired, tried, and true.

Or vampires.

I've been reading all about the David Camm case. This would seem to be just another entry in Spousal Murrrder Theater, but on closer consideration, I actually think Dude is innocent.

I tend to think immediately that the husband is guilty; sadly, I am usually right.

This time, I don't think he's guilty. I think it was a random killing by Boney, and that Boney was possibly targeting the little girl to molest her and killed the witnesses. After the reading I've done, I'm incredulous that Camm is being tried for the third time. I think the prosecutor just has it in for David Camm and even though the evidence exonerates David Camm nearly 100%, the prosecutor is just determined that he's going to "get" David.

I'm fairly sure than my six year old daughter Mia, could have done a more professional job with the forensic evidence.

I am hoping, after a heads up from yours truly, my dear friend Loretta writes about this case. I think she's a much better writer than I am and could lay it out in a much more straightforward way than I could, in summarizing this complicated case.

The case covers forensics, infidelitys, an ex-state trooper, questionable and weak motive, and legal precedent. The Whole She-Bang.

It's so rare that I think anyone in the Spousal Murderrrr Theater is innocent, it's worth noting.


I have dry skin, so I'm a lotion whore. I've used every type of lotion from the pricey department store offerings to Bath & Body Works (makes me itch and the scents aren't remarkable) to Avon, to what I saw in the drugstore.

No matter what I've tried, Palmer's Shea Butter is what I always go back too. It makes my skin glow. It's not greasy, and it's not watery or gloopy; it soaks in nicely. It has a very light scent that's pleasant.

If you tan, either in the real live sun or in the electric sun, Shea Butter actually helps maintain your tan, rather than leaching it out. Some lotions contain ingredients that decrease your tan, rather than enhancing it.

I'm cheap. This is well known and I'm not ashamed. I've lived very well and I've lived very poor. Very poor is miserable. Making your money stretch and living medium well is just fine.

I got my hair cut and styled last week and spent almost $50. That's a lot on hair for me. I color it myself and generally go to Great Clips with a coupon, and let them trim my hair. This time, I sprang for a real salon, was seduced by a deep conditioning treatment and got a great haircut with great hair.

I had short, almost crew-cut hair for years. It surprises me how much I love my long hair, and how pretty I think it is. I used to hate my curly hair and now, I like it and I'm glad I finally found someone who knows how to cut curly hair.

I feel like I have Rockstar Hair.


Martin has been making noises about the dreaded "family picture". We've done this before, when Mia was about 18 months old. His parents were involved as well and I guess the pictures were...okay.

I feel badly that Dexter will not be in the picture since he's back in Michigan. It's the best place for him to be, but the whole situation has broken my heart even though I know he is where he needs to be.

I want my stupid dogs in the picture.

It hurts that my dogs would be in the picture, but my son probably won't.


Is this just life, or did Fate or Karma just deal me a really shitty hand? Sometimes, I wonder about this. If there was a Top Ten of Terrible Things To Happen To You, I think I could check off at least 8, probably 9.

I've had people tell me, "You are the strongest, steadiest person I know." I'm really not, but that's a nice compliment. One of the best, ever, I will always remember compliments, was Dexter's biological father telling me I was the most intelligent person he knew.

Granted, he doesn't get out of his house much.


And it the last bit of wisdom, the Dollar Tree is a great place to get stocking staffers for little kids.


judemiller1 said...

Dexter's moving has to be difficult for you, long as you know "he is where he should be"--keep repeating this until you actually believe it!

Have the T-shirt said...

Family pictures....I've never endured this, but if I did,I'd want my dog in the pic too. Just the way I roll.

Dex IS where he needs to be, but I know you miss him :(

Ronni said...

So take the bloody picture when Dex is visiting...or am I oversimplifying as usual?

I need to read up on the case you are following--I need one where the husband appears innocent.

Lisa said...

The link I posted about David Camm has lots of good info, Ronni. It's been dragging on here for several years, the other guy has confessed, recanted, reconfessed, and the forensics (the sweatshirt) pretty much lays it right Boney's feet and the fact that David was playing basketball at the time with over ten people at the time of the murder has to make you wonder why David was suspected in the first place.