Wednesday, January 13, 2010

All The Little Chicks With Crimson Lips

Indy needs to make a new tourism commercial. Instead of singing, "Cleveland Rocks," the lyrics change to "Indy Rocks" and it has "famous" Hoosiers featured. They could get Peyton Manning, that mysterious and spooky Greg Ballard, Not My Man Mitch, (wouldn't you pay to see those two act silly for the good of our fair state, and not in their political beliefs?), the Playboy chick and her cute Colts husband; some Colts fans all decked out at a game like the Indians fans in the video; Garfield, Bobby Knight (although I doubt he'd do it) and Larry Bird, John Mellencamp. They could film at Lucas Oil Stadium, the zoo, the Children's Museum and the Art Museum. Show the Pyramids and downtown, Mug & Bun, The Union Jack and the War Memorial, and of course, I hear there is a Speedway around here and why not get Sarah Fisher and Helio to jam out a little?

At the end, instead of shouting "OHIO!", obviously, "INDIANA" would be substituted.

I'm fairly sure I read that Indy is trying for an influx of dollars as a destination place. Other than the annual Future Farmers of America convention (get those kids in on the act as well!). Aren't they angling for some sort of soccer tournament? I think that commercial would make Indy look hip, which it is, in its quiet Midwestern sort of way.

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Miss Darr said...

Do you remember those great commercials from the 70's for the Detroit Zoo and the Detroit Institute of Arts?

The DIA commercial had the song from Damn Yankees "You Gotta Have Heart" only changed it to Art. The zoo had it's own song "join the Detroit zoo society...blah blah....just do your share for the animals, care for the animals, let 'em know you're there for the animals. Without you there's no zoo." Those were great local commercials. Hmm. Wonder if they are on YouTube? I may go check!