Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I've never claimed to be graceful. Sometimes, I amaze myself at how clumsy I am.

I am also reckless with electronics. I think that comes from being married to an IT whiz. I break it, he fixes it. That's mostly why I married him, that and the fact that I hate pumping my own gas and grilling.

I have a bad habit of plugging in my laptop while it's sitting on the dining room table. The cord is stretched precariously to the plug, right in the main traffic path. I've been warned many times that it's not a good idea and everyone, dogs and humans alike, have tripped over it at least once.

Yesterday, Mia tripped over it hard enough to send my laptop crashing onto the floor. I thought the only thing damaged was the port my mouse plugs into. Martin dismantled the entire laptop and got it up and running, but the alternative mouse port is also funky. My speakers appear to have gone the way of the blue suede shoe, as well. I can deal with no speakers, but I'm missing my mouse. I'm hoping the computer whiz can patch it together enough that I don't have to continue using the silly touch pad, which I hate.

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Ronni said...

You needed an extension cord.

Or a desk.

Or that spot on the sofa that I commandeered when I visited you.

I'm still using my laptop a lot--especially when granny-sitting at Kaye's. She said I could use her computer but this is so much easier.