Friday, February 27, 2009

Here, Smell This

It's a rather charming human foible that we say that, and shove something, generally unpleasant in scent, under someones nose. *

Yesterday, I mopped my kitchen floor on my hands and knees. (Yep, get Guinness on the phone.) I was using Mr. Clean which is filled with Febreeze scent. I then scrubbed my kitchen counters, with Soft Scrub, which is lemon scented. I proceeded to the bathroom, where I cleaned the shower with the spray on Arm & Hammer stuff, which is "clean" scented. (Versus the "damp towel scent"?)

I also ran the dishwasher, using the Cascade Complete, no specific scent, and Lemi-shine, which is of course, lemon scented. What kind of freak sniffs their clean plates, anyway?

I did a load of laundry and used the All Spring Scent, and filled my Downy Dryer Ball with Gain Island Scent. I'm not sure exactly which island it's supposed to smell like. It wasn't Mackinaw, since it didn't smell like lilacs and fudge; it wasn't Manhattan since it didn't smell like urine and it didn't smell like Jamaica because it didn't smell like a blunt.

After vacuuming, I sprayed Febreeze air freshener, Winter Evening, throughout. I then lit a stick of lemongrass incense.

Since I then needed cleaning, I showered, using Dove Energize body wash, which is lemongrass and grapefruit scented. I washed my hair in shampoo that has a faint cherry smell, as does the conditioner. I moisturized after using Jergern's Age Defying Lotion on my legs, which smells like Jergen's, almond cherry, and used Clinique Aromatic Elixir on my arms, so I don't have to use perfume. I styled my hair with the stuff that means I can get a comb through my hair, which smells faintly nutty. I then used the gel that makes my curly hair somewhat less wild, which smells like cucumbers. I don't necessarily want my hair to smell like a vegetable, but it doesn't come in an unscented version.

Since my favorite tee shirt ("I'm Blogging This") was wrinkled, I sprayed some Downy Iron In The Bottle on it, which makes you smell like a dryer sheet.

The best part of this whole overwhelming scent thing, is that I have a horrible sense of smell, from years of smoking and other body abuses. I can barely smell anything.

*The best person to do this to is Mia. I make her smell something awful and she screws up her face and says, "Mommy, why did you make me smell that?"


judemiller1 said...

I use ALL those cleaning products because I DO smoke and I hate the smell in my house and on me. Of course, one cigarette, can take away that lovely scent of a clean house (and person).

Nadine said...

At least you use nicely scented cleaning products. I can't believe anyone would use PineSol on purpose. It stinks!

Ronni said...

My mom used bleach, vinegar, pine sol and ammonia. I'm pretty sure she used lye soap for laundry, and the same for dishes. Bathrooms got cleaned with Comet.

I am forever grateful for cleaners that don't smell like any of the above.