Friday, April 10, 2009

Barbie Goes To Riding Camp

Mia recently got a new Wii game, The Barbie Horse Adventure.

One of the characters is Kyle, the stable owner's nephew. It's obvious that Kyle is a sex offender on parole to his aunt's ranch. He's got serious stalker tendencies, as well. Every time he sees Barbie, he says, "Hi Barbie!", or "Hey Barbie!" like he didn't just see her twelve seconds ago. He pops up no matter where she is. He is eager to point out the bunkhouse where she will be sleeping and you know she can expect some midnight visits from Kyle, to make sure she has enough blankets for her cot and that her pillow is fluffly enough. Or at least, that will be the excuse he gives his parole officer later.

Being Barbie, of course she has to shop for riding clothes. Instead of picking out the more practical jeans and boots, or even fancy jodhpurs and a hat, she goes for the hot pants, halter top and flip flops. As you do.

Barbie must be told that her horse needs to be fed and watered, which confirms my belief that it is a good thing that Ken is not anatomically correct and they are not able to reproduce.

The best part is finding out that Barbie is a "natural rider."


Nadine said...

That Barbie is SO going to be a porn star.

Ronni said...

Oh, just ew.

Pink84 said...

LOL Clarice would do the same thing. I don't think we will be getting that one.

Try the Littlest Pet Shop game. Clarice loves it!

Just an aside...last night Clarice wanted to do "magic". She calls magic when she make us close our eyes and we have to guess where she put the object. LOL Anyway, she wanted to have a fancy get up. So here is what she came up with...her pj shorts in hot pink and a bolero type robe from one of her princess nightgown, that is see through, like a penoir, with no shirt on underneath. Oh, yeah, she had on these fancy princess shoes with a a little heel on them. I now wish I would have gotten a pic. She came out here and Don shook his head and said, "This is my worst nightmare come to life! What will we do when we can't monitor her clothes anymore!" We laughed and continued to watch her "magic" show.

Sounds like Clarice and her "new friend" Mia are two peas.