Saturday, April 25, 2009

Four Moves In Four Years

Yes, Dear and Gentle Readers, the Watsons are once again moving house.

We're moving from Fishers to the other side of Indianapolis. We will be much closer to Martin's job. Martin's commute is often an hour and fifteen minutes each way. We share a car, and that means I am mostly without a car. I am okay with that, because I grew up as an only child and can easily amuse myself, but with kids, it's suffocating and impractical.

And yes, I did say "kids" as in plural; my son, Dexter, is living with us now. That's a whole other story that I'm not going into but I am thrilled to have him back with his Mumma. Since Dexter's move was, shall we say, sudden, packing for him will be a breeze; all his stuff is already in Hefty bags.

Our walk-in closet is still stuffed with Totes that I never unpacked when we moved here. Instead of just toting them across town, as we've toted them across town and state lines previously, I may actually go through them and get rid of the stuff.

Mia's room is, as always, a disaster. The genius who invented MoonSand needs their head on a stake. Her room is also littered with Barbies, mostly naked and mangled. Many are multiple amputees with unfortunate haircuts. She needs a sign on her door that says, "Mia's Home For Battered Barbies." I can only assume the Barbies are fighting among themselves since her sole Ken lost his hands and most of one arm long ago.

Martin has several boxes of abandoned computer parts and equipment. We also have two perfectly good LCD monitors we tried to unload on Craig's List, for free, but no takers. Four or five people have claimed they wanted the monitors, but never showed up. The last chance is today, or they are off to Good Will. The rest of the computer crap will get a lid on the Tote and we'll call it good. My first instict was to throw the lot out, and see if Martin notices.

My downfall, besides never purging my closet, is books and health and beauty aids. I already sorted my books, and packed those I am keeping. Today I am tackling the Beauty Products I Bought And Hated But Kept Anyway.

It's not that I am a packrat. It's more than I get lazy about going through things. It's much easier to stick it in a box and deal with it later. I've done that with the past three moves This time, I'm doing it differently. I'm actually getting rid of the stuff this time.

Wish me luck.


judemiller1 said...

Getting rid of stuff is actually a very good thing. I moved 4 times in 3 years and by the last move, I had minimalized myself and damn if it didn't feel good. Now every spring and fall I go through my clothes--if it doesn't fit or I haven't worm it in a year--out it goes! Let's face it, I am never going to fit into a size 12 jeans ever again! Now..I just have to get Freddie, the packrat procrastinator to get rid of his junk that, although I put it in nice plastic storages boxes, annoys the hell out of me as I see it sitting in here by his desk!!!

Ronni said...

"Good luck," she obediently wished...

Lisa said...

I have no issues taking my clothes to Good Will, as I enjoy going Good Will Hunting and indeed, many of my upscale designer pieces have come from there for a song.

It's just actually going through the clothes and other crap. It's so easy to get distracted (ohhh saw something shiny!).

This time, I'm going clean and spartan. Only what I wear and need.

I gave and threw away soooo much shampoo, perfume, unused lipstick, books. We gave away some computers, as well.

All in the recylce, reuse, reduce mode.

Pink84 said...

OMG Lisa...I feel you pain. It's been a year since we moved and we still have stuff we need to purge.

Don insisted he needed to move almost all of his "parts" and go through them here, so far he hasn't done that. Also, his office is a shambles, but it was like that at the other house, fortunately this one has a door!

I'm not saying I don't have my share of stuff. At this house I actually have a room to myself for all my "craft", "office supplies", stuff I hide from Don that I shouldn't have bought! LOL It too is a shambles, but it also has a door. I have at least purged all the expired OTC meds, make-up that I have collected over the years! Some progress I guess.

As for Clarice, she being an only child she has EVERYTHING she doesn't need! We of course also have Moon Sand and every time Clarices playing with it I relish at all that is on the floor because it goes in the vacuum and eventually she won't have anymore!

Good luck with the unpacking!

Ronni said...

How's it going?