Friday, May 8, 2009

Little Bit Of This, Little Bit Of That

Our move is completed. Of course, since I was involved and I am a supreme klutz who is also accident prone, is was not without danger and incident.

I burned my hand quite badly on the heating element of the oven in our old place. Mmmmm, what's for dinner? Lisa's burned flesh!

Unpacking in the new place, I discovered that one of my serving platters was broken in the move. Unwrapping it, a broken piece landed on my bare foot, embedding itself quite nicely. After I pulled it out, my foot then bled for a good hour. I left little trails of blood all over.

Much to my great dismay, three of my mother's dessert plates also shattered in the move. I cut my thumb on a shard of china and proceeded to bleed all over the rest of the dishes I was unpacking.

Both trails of blood probably could have been easily prevented had I been able to find the Band-Aids rather than using a piece of paper towel.

In other news, I very much like our new townhouse and the area we are living in. We are conviently located very close to the Indiana Juvenile Corrections Facility, which is a girl's juvenile unit. I tease Dexter and tell him he could probably troll for dates there. He doesn't find that prospect nearly as amusing as I do, since I bet a lot of those girls could easily beat his skinny ass.

There is also a Rally's very nearby and if you haven't had their Bacon Cheddar Ranch fries, I heartily recommend them. They are ooey gooey wonderful.

Dexter has enrolled in high school here. When I origanally contacted the school to enroll him, the guidance conselor was not encouraging since there were only about three weeks of school left. However, after meeting Dexter, who was itching to get back to school and not just sit on the couch, she decided he should attend and take finals. We have also sucessfully secured his Indiana Learning Permit for driving. It's rather a moot point right now, though, since the Mini is a stick and he doesn't know how to drive a manual transmission yet. So far our family decision is that Dexter and I will share a car, bigger than the Mini, and it will probably be an automatic. He likes to pick out hoopties and muscle cars and I like to pick out more practical things, like a BMW station wagon. It makes for interesting discussion.

This week-end will be spent finishing unpacking, making Good Will runs to drop off donations and hopefully, eating a steak and potato prepared by someone other than myself.

ETA: I am aware that the video and song has nothing to do with moving, but it does include the lines Little Bit Of This/Little Bit Of That and it's a really pretty song about love. And loving my family is what I do best.

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