Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Indy 500 Fever and Death Hags

In case you were living in a cave somewhere, or at least not in Indiana, this week-end was the Indy 500 race. It's the 100th celebration of the race, although a few years were skipped because of various wars.

Martin had the opportunity to take Dex and Mia to Pole Day; I chose to stay home and take a nap. Martin was disappointed he didn't plan for Community Day so he could take the Mini out for a spin on the track.

We had the opportunity to meet one of my Find A Death friends who was in town for the race. Amazingly, all the years I've been a Find A Death fan and participating on the forums, it was the first time I had met an actual live Death Hag like myself. My Death Hag friend has been attending the race for 28 years, and the other gentleman pictured with us was celebrating four decades of attendance. He and his other older buddy knew everything about Indy 500 history and had met many of the drivers and crew teams. We had a great time.
Since the race is blacked out in Indy, we had to wait until evening to watch it. We went to the pool to resist the temptation but Martin still cheated so we went into it knowing Helio won. We've already decided that next year we will plan ahead, get the tickets and actually go.
I can always bring earplugs and a book, in case I get bored with watching cars go in circles for 500 miles.


ratkin638 said...

As a former Death Hag myself, I have to ask the question: Who is it? Could we get a FAD screen name, perhaps?

Lisa said...

Hey Ratkin! How the heck are ya?

That would be Shadowcatcher, a long time lurker but fairly new poster.