Wednesday, May 27, 2009

In Which The Author Breaks Her Vow

Had you going there, didn't I, dear and gentle readers? You thought I broke my marriage vows, right?

I actually broke my vow to my last doctor, who told me if I continued to tan, I would need to develop a close relationship with a good dermatologist.

I promised that doctor that all of my future tans would come from a Tan Can.

I lied.

I've been lying out in the sun, arguing with my son over the tube of Bain de Soliel. At the pool. I don't actually swim in the pool, it's far too cold this early in the year.

One of the most popular entries on my old blog was titled Lisa's Tanning Tips.

Old habits die hard, and I still vow not to look my Aunt Babbie, who resembled a Crocodile purse, but the sun is irresistible to me. It must be the Italian.


Nadine said...

Being blonde and pale and on medications that make me really sun sensitive, I use SPF 60+ to keep from burning. I still manage to tan, just slowly and without frying my delicate self.

Ronni said...

It's too late for me to care...