Friday, November 6, 2009

A Hell Of A Week

this has been, and we have two days to go.

A dear dear friend of mine is dealing with a cancer situation and I can't bear to even think about it for more than a few seconds. This is the second of my friends to recently find themselves in cancer situations. I'm thinking the best until I hear otherwise, but it's consuming me, always rattling around in the back of my mind.

The news from Ft. Hood was awful, just unbelievably sad. The speculation surrounding the gunman is starting to really piss me off. Because he is a Muslim, some of the right wing crew are already labelling him a radical and a terrorist. Anti-US statements may have been made by him; I've made some as well, and I'm far from a terrorist. He was born in the United States, of Jordanian descent, and who knows if he's even ever been to the middle east, let alone subscribes to radical notions? He was not happy about the war and was apparently very freaked out about being deployed. Please note, I am in no way endorsing or excusing his actions. I'm just thinking certain media outlets (Hello Faux News!) are slinging some shit and it may very well not stick. They are making leaps in judgement that I'm sure many people of the Muslim faith find appalling. I tend to think the dude just went batshit; that is the beginning and the end of the whole thing. Only my opinion, of course.

Next up: more batshit crazy in Orlando, Florida. A workplace shooting. Guy lost his job two years ago, filed bankruptcy, and lost his mind somewhere along the line.

These times are hard. These times are scary. I'm so thankful Martin found a good job here. I've been sending out resumes for the past four months and haven't even gotten a phone call. I've applied for every job I've been remotely qualified for and I haven't gotten a call from anyone. I'm having a deja vu from Michigan. It's hard to keep plugging along when you don't even get a call from Target; you know they must need help for the holidays.

Hoping for a quiet week-end.


Ronni said...

Before reading this, I just wrote an entry that has a lot in common. I think we need a good stiff drink!

culdesacchronicles said...

I appreciate your thoughts about the Ft. Hood shooting. We've become such an impulsive and impatient culture. We want fast answers. Civil rights can and are be trampled in such an environment.

Ronni said...

The Dems pinned 9-11 on Bush...naturally. If the Repugs can convince people that this was a terrorist attack, they have some tit for their tat.

By definition (if I recall correctly), intent plays a huge part. Unless it was his intention to terrorize in the name of some extremist group, he is not a terrorist. As it is becoming clear that no group would have him (except for the US military--what does that tell you?), I'm with you on the "lone crazy" band wagon.