Friday, November 13, 2009

How To Make Your Dog Sick

is really quite easy. Just feed them a can of Armour Potted Meat spread. We ran out of dog food and didn't realize it. Bennie, the big dog, can go til evening without eating, but Luna, the four pound terror, can not. I gave her a can of the potted meat. After all, it looks kind of like canned dog food, right? For some reason, my FIL brought us some when they visited. Maybe he thinks it's something exotic that's not available in Indiana? He also brought us a couple cans of Vienna sausages, which I remember eating with Ritz crackers on camping and road trips as a kid.

It made Luna pretty sick. She threw up. She was listless and didn't want to sit on anyone's lap. She perked up by morning, but I was worried about her. She's normally so happy and a big lover. Anywhere I go, Luna is right next to me.

Perhaps I need to get out of the house more; two of my recent blog posts start about my dogs. That much closer to crazy dog lady, right? I remember being horrified by a woman in my first writing group who wanted to write poems about her cats, because they were so cute and did such cute things. I'm blogging about my dogs. That can't be good.

I'm just finishing a book called House Of Secrets, by Lowell Cauffiel. He also wrote the excellent true crime book, Masqaurade, among others, which I wrote about on my old blog. He had even commented on the entry, because I wondered if he was still alive. (He is. It's wasn't an email from The Beyond.) House of Secrets is one of the most horrifying cases I've ever read about. Pretty close to the Karla Homolka/Paul Bernardo case in level of sheer depravity and horror. This one involves family; incest, child abuse, murder. Mr. Cauffiel lays out a very complex case with many people involved, in a straighforward, easy to keep track of, way.

Fall always puts me in the mood for red wine. I long for the days when we have a house again, hopefully with a bit of a yard. It's good bonfire weather. I think a pot of chili might be in the plans for this week-end.

I can't believe Thanksgiving is right around the corner, then Christmas, then 2010. We have no plans for Thanksgiving as of yet. Thanksgiving this year falls on the anniversary of my Mom's death in 1999, and also the anniversary of my first marriage. Two rather unhappy events in my life. I'm glad the Brits aren't a big fan of the holiday. I have no intentions of participating in Black Friday, either.

Here is the verbatim text of a note Mia wrote while playing school:

"Class I am leaveing town becuse the class is being to lowd and there's a lot's of fiteing."

I'm thinking that a career as a teacher might not be in Mia's best interest.


Have the T-shirt said...

Poor Luna!!

Tell Mia hi for me :)

OH, and you and the Brit too.

Nadine said...

Poor doggie!Probably way too much salt in that potted meat for dogs or humans.

Since my dog refuses her dry kibble in favor of the tasty dry catfood, I gave up and just give her and the 3 cats their serving of dry catfood and split a small can of Friskies between them all twice a day.

Whenever I run out of the canned catfood I've spoiled them with, I scramble a couple of eggs for them. It does help that Miss Chicky lays all those little brown eggs!

Ronni said...

Nadine! How are you? I haven't seen you in a while.

Lisa, don't worry about writing about dogs...just begin a doggy "label!"