Friday, November 6, 2009

My Dogs Had Fleas

Isn't that the punch line to some lame old joke? You will notice the past tense in the title; we have quickly packed their little flea suitcases and escorted them out. I can't remember the last time one of my dogs had fleas; rolling in poop, getting sprayed by skunks and eating dead animals they regurgitate in the house on my brand new rug, yes, but fleas? No, thank you very much. We haven't lived in the country for a long time, and my dogs are spoiled and lazy and only grudgingly go for a walk. And what the hell is a flea doing still alive in late October, anyway? Is this a Hoosier thing, one more example of me forgetting just how far south we are?

I'm always looking for more housework to do, you know.

Martin has been home all week with the flu. Not the H1N1 although that's certainly going around here. Even though he's feeling better, the doctor requires that he is symptom free for 48 hours before he goes back to work. His workplace is fairly stringent on that sort of thing as well. I knew he was feeling better when I baked homemade pizza and he declared it the best pizza he'd ever had. My pizza is good, but it's not that good.

Last night, in between watching the news about Ft. Hood, we watched the movie I Know Who Killed Me. It was shockingly bad and not in a campy sort of way. The premise, the dialogue, the acting, the props and sets. Lindsay Lohan looked wasted through a lot of it.

Mia is obsessed with missing the school bus. She will be beside my bed, fully dressed, teeth brushed, coat and backpack on, at 6:45 in the morning. Her bus comes at 7:30. She'll be on the verge of a total meltdown because she's afraid she's going to miss the bus. It's ratcheted up if I haven't laid out her clothes the night before and she starts to panic about what she's going to wear. Even on week-ends, when we let her stay up later in the hopes of her sleeping in, she's still up at the buttcrack of dawn. Thankfully, she is pretty self-reliant and will get herself something to eat and watch Sponge Bob or play games on the computer. She'd also stay in her pajamas all week-end if we'd let her.

I have laundry to fold and more linens to wash. The glamour, it never ends.


fvracer_x said...

Nope, the first battle went to us but so far the fleas are winning the war. I just caught one on Luna. It's time to step up the chemical warfare on our part Lisa!

Have the T-shirt said...

The reason you have fleas is because it IS October. They don't wanna be outside anymore, so they hop on the first furry, warm body that passes by.

Bailey's been a bit scratchy lately; I'm not so sure she hasn't got a few of the buggers on her too.

fvracer_x said...

Naw, these where hand delivered by Lisa's friend, from a flea bitten cat she lives with...