Monday, July 20, 2009

How Much Do You Really Need To Know?

I Twitter. I am on Facebook. I blog.

I don't, however, lead such an exciting life. How much do you really want to know about my rather mundane days?

I walked Bennie this morning. He tried to eat duck poop. Weather is hot and sticky. Martin works from noon until eight today, so I will drive him and hit the grocery store on the way home. (Meijer's has double coupons up to fifty cents in Indy.) Then, since it's hot and sticky, I think it's a pool day. I can log a few PTH. (Prime Tanning Hours.)

I'll make dinner (orange beef and rice, I think), pick up Martin at eight, and settle in for Intervention at nine. I may get all crazy and do my nails.

Are you asleep yet?

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