Wednesday, July 22, 2009

It's Going To Be Better Today

I feel much better today. I haven't snapped at anyone or cried yet. Granted, all I did was shove Martin out the door for work and make Mia peanut butter toast, but I had no urges to drop kick a stuffed animal or slam anything.

I got a lot of love from my blog friends and my Facebook friends, and that helped so much. We all go through days like this at some point. That little pink pill, I'm sure, helped as well. Martin, bless his heart, knows to just steer clear when I get like this. Dexter is bewildered, I think, and waiting for my head to spin around. Mia is just her Mia-self, doing her own thing in Mia's World.

Today is going to be better. I have some Becky Home Ecky projects to tackle. It's raining, so we're stuck in the house, no pool temptation today. I can expel any lingering frustrations with the vacuum cleaner and Magic Clean eraser.

I also hid the Turtle Tracks ice cream in the back of the freezer from a certain teen-age boy who thinks a "snack" is half the container.

Ice cream can solve a lot of problems, at least on a short term basis.


Have the T-shirt said...

Well, I missed your post yesterday, until today, so I'm glad you're feeling better.

Chin up * Chest out

Nadine said...

We sure do keep the big drug companies in business. Hang in there, Kiddo. Your post reminded me to start taking my Wellbutrin. I've been putting it off because I'm nervous about the side affects listed.

About the housewife slash mom gig; we know what we do is important. It's got to be the most labor intensive unpaid position there is. In fact, if we weren't there to do it, everything would fall apart in short order. The problem is, we have to put so many aspects of ourselves on hold to do it all.

Meanwhile, nobody's putting OUR underwear neatly in the proper drawer. An occasional "thank you!" from the peanut gallery would make such a difference in the way we feel about what we do as well as ourselves as we review that mental "to do" list every morning.

We should have T-shirts made that simply say "You're Welcome" on the front!

Ronni said...

^^what she said.

loretta said...

You Must Come To NY With Me.

My treat.