Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Things I Have Been Asked Today

1.) How long will a butt cramp last?

2.) I love macaroni and cheese, it's yummy.

3.) Can I have a pop? Just one? I won't tell Daddy.

4.) Why don't we have any chocolate ice cream? Who ate it all? Dexter did, I know he did. He always eats all the ice cream! (During a total diva tantrum including hands on hips and a fierce scowl.)

5.) You threw away her booooooot! ( I threw away a Halloween Barbie doll boot, which was half eaten by a certain little dog. The boot was a moot point since most of the Barbies are involuntary amputees anyway, including Halloween Barbie.)

6.) I'm going to make a PBNJ. Now, Mommy, can you hand me the peanut butter? (She's standing next to the pantry, I'm on my hands and knees scrubbing the bathroom floor.)

7) They got $2000 dollars for their yard sale! That's more than $1000 dollars! (during Clean House, which she is strangely addicted to.)


Have the T-shirt said...

She's such a cutie....I miss her ....and you.....and all the rest of your entourage! :(

Ronni said...

Rule #1: Never, EVER throw away ANY Barbie item, even if it is trashed beyond recognition.

Rule #2: Helping with PB&J always trumps scrubbing floors.

Rule #3: An interesting and fudge-like substance can be created with one part cocoa (or carob powder), one part honey and two parts peanut butter. Keep it in the fridge or freezer and dole out by spoonfuls.