Monday, July 13, 2009

Ready For The Morning

I made Martin's lunch. He has to walk at least twenty minutes to get into the building from the car in his company's huge parking lot, so it makes going out to lunch a lost cause. Only when the entire department goes, and then it's a two to three hour endeavor.


The refrigerated parts of his lunch are sitting in the bottom right hand shelf of the fridge. Just like they have been for oh, nine years now. Two sandwiches; one turkey and Swiss, one ham and cheddar, both on rolls, not the silly bread slices. A salad, with roasted almond pieces and cheese and bacon bits. A Strawberry Cheesecake Yolpait, which if you haven't had one, I heartily recommend you try
The rest of his lunch is in his Super Duper Self Chilling Awesome Lunch Bag, including the Mike Sell's Salt and Ground Pepper Chips.

I prepped the coffee pot for the morning. I even set a mug out. All that's left to do is hit that button. Three minutes later, coffee appears.

I even set out clothes for him.

All of this is an effort to sleep in on my part. Will I be able to? No. My husband lives in the same house as I do. We've been together nine years. He is still convinced I get up in the middle of the night and hide things on him.

At least he's very sweet.


Ronni said...

You mean you don't?

One of life's little domestic pleasures...

Happy Housewife said...

MIne woke me up this morning to ask "Are you sure this looks okay?!" even though we went and bought the outfit together LAST FREAKING NIGHT and I laid it all out for him. I verified 100 times that it all looked great. I ironed the shirt. I did everything I coould so he'd just get up, get dressed and leave. Nope. Didn't happen.
(his boss's boss is touring his stores today..he's a little nervous)

Nadine said...

I know the drill. I get up at 5AM on his workdays, fill his travel mug and thermos with coffee that's mercifully already brewed due to those slick coffeemakers with the timers. While I'm adding sugar and hazelnut creamer to that, and schlepping his lunch and ice packs into the lunchbox, all 3 cats and the dog are lying in wait for me to feed them. It must be time to eat if I'm up anyway, right? Besides that, the dog REALLY needs to go out. NOW. It's like an ambush.

All this is accomplished while hubby sleeps like a baby lamb until after I'm finished with all that and deliver his travel mug to his nightstand. Usually by that time he's hit the snooze button twice. That gives me 20 more minutes I have to stay awake in case he's actually turned the alarm off so he doesn't oversleep. Then he's up, dressed and off like a rocket.

Then about 5 minutes later MY alarm goes off since I have to get up and drive my son to work by 6:15 because he's still without transportation due to a hit and run driver destroying his truck 3 months ago. I cannot wait for the insurance to get straightened out on that one.

I do sometimes sneak in another hour of sleep after dropping off my son, and I absolutely sleep in on the weekends.

Meanwhile, who's going to lay out my outfits and make MY lunch?

judemiller1 said...

"Man may work from dawn to setting sun, but a woman's work is NEVER done"! The truest old adage I have ever heard.

Lisa said...

Ugh he even got me up at the butt crack of dawn today to drive him to work. That way, I have the car and I can run all his errands.

People wonder why I distrust organized religion and like my wine.