Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I have finally broken out the sweatshirts and retired my flip flops for the year. I've even started wearing socks on a regular basis and I hate socks. I hate cold feet, worse, though.

Most of the kids at Mia's bus stop are already sporting their winter coats, and on occasion, knit hats. Like it's March and we're in that terrible deep cold that makes me long for a beach, a fruity drink, and the smell of Bain de Soleil.

It's not just the kids I've seen overdressed, though. There are more than a few adults with winter wear on. I find it partiuclarly amusing when they have on a heavy jacket and shorts.

It's chilly in the mornings and after dark, but it still hits the mid to high fifties during the day, so I think some of these Hoosiers are overdoing it, a bit.

This week-end, Martin and I took a drive, since it was a beautiful fall day. We drove out toward Brownsburg and wow, there are a lot of cornnfields between here and there.

I may kvetch about Indy, and make a certain amount of fun of Hoosiers, but I do love it here. Where else can you be seven miles from the downtown of a big city and find a cornfield? In fact, Martin's company is at the airport complex and right across from their facility is a huge field that is farmed. It's rather quaint and charming to look in one direction and see planes taking off and look in the other direction and see a combine.


Ronni said...

That's middle America for you! Texas is like that, too. Lots of cattle and goats, right outside the cities. And maize and cotton...

Rachel said...

That sounds an awful lot like just about anywhere in South Dakota (where I moved to 5 years ago), or Columbus, OH (where I lived for about 10 years--I'm originally from Cincinnati).