Thursday, October 22, 2009

The In-Laws Are Coming

Mia is on Fall Break from school until next Monday, so Margaret & Peter are coming down to visit. They are actually going to stay the night! Not with us, of course, but in one of the many fine hotels nearby.

Normally, they would drive down, spend a few hours and drive back, since Margaret was afraid her elderly boxer would die while they were gone. Moe, sadly, is no longer with them, so they have a bit of freedom to wander the roads between southeastern Michigan and Indianapolis.

Today will be spent hunting and gathering food, making what I can ahead of time, and tidying the house. I've decided to make a small ham. Margaret can't tolerate anything with much seasoning in it at all these days, so I thought a ham would be easy, tasty without spicy, and a good fall type of meal. I'm going to add scallopped potatoes au gratin, but of the most mild variety. No bacon, or bacon grease, will be used in the preparation of the potatoes. With a side of peas, some take and bake bread and a raspberry crumb cobbler, (from a box, shhhhhh), I think it will be a nice meal.

I'm looking forward to seeing them; we haven't since spring.

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Anonymous said...

Ham is the perfect choice. It serves a large group, and I love scalloped potatoes au gratin. Enjoy!